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No matter the athletic activity, the proper attire is always a must. Nike continues to innovate when it comes to its coinciding products, providing individuals with the gear necessary to get the most out of their exercise.Accordingly, the Swoosh has introduced the new Power Speed Tight. The tights are designed to increase muscle control as well as stabilize aching muscles and aid in recovery. This is accomplished by the narrow cut that maximizes compression by the Dri-FIT fabric. The elastic material allows for extensive flexibility and easy adaptation. The higher compression along the hip, thigh, calf and Achilles tendon in turn increases muscle control. Screen printed graphic lines have been implemented to enhance these compression areas.

Finally, a drawstring at the waist provides wearers with a comfortable and custom fit, while a rear hip (or central back, for women) pocket has been added in order to store a key or mobile device.Nike will be releasing the new Power Speed Tight on January 7 through.Gary Warnett has compiled a list of his 25 favorite silhouettes from Nike’s All Conditions Gear line with illustrations by Dan Freebairn of’s something about Nike‘s All Conditions Gear line that fascinates me. It felt like a passion project for the company, with so many Nike designers and product people being into hiking and trail running, plus Nike’s Oregon location.

It’s a brand within a brand that seems to cause the same dewy-eyed reaction as classic Patagonia, The North Faceand Polo Sport does with folks of a certain age. Even for those of us who have no intention of going beyond the beaten path in a pair of Wildwoods, those beige boxes, that triangular triple-letter ACG branding and the way the shoes were embraced by Tokyo’s early adopters, New York rap legends and a new breed of skaters back when jeans were at their most voluminous gives them a certain immortality. It seems weatherproof to the current levels of footwear hype too, because most folks who want Instagram likes through footwear probably won’t get them through bizarre, rustic-looking, neutral colored moments in decades old deadstock.